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Trenton Train Station

The Trenton Train Station project consisted of the addition and major renovation to the existing train station over the Northeast Corridor of Amtrak Railways, the most active train tracks in the country, which connects New York to Washington, D.C.  New headhouse buildings were added at each end of the existing station along with an entire renovation of the concourse.  The work required demolition and removal of the existing head houses.  The new headhouses were placed on steel and wood piles 45’-50’ in depth.  During construction of these buildings, raised pedestrian bridges were installed allowing access to the operating station.  One bridge was 110’ long and 30’ high spanning a creek and the 2nd bridge was 30’ high and 130’ long spanning a parking lot.

The station, which serves 4,600 passengers per day, remained occupied and operational during the entire construction period.  Work was completed in phases and the new additions were turned over prior to the renovation of the existing concourse.  A significant amount of work was completed during off peak house required Amtrak shutdowns with work times limited to 45 minutes.

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