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Thomas P. Carney, Inc. (TPC) grew exponentially through its generational transition in the mid 1970’s and is currently run by the Carney brothers.  Robert and John manage the overall business operations, including finances, project management, estimating and marketing.  Joseph and Michael manage field operations including supervision of field labor crews, equipment inventory, and overall project coordination.

Thomas P. Carney, Inc. is a small business enterprise with a large bonding capacity, financial stability, an impressive equipment inventory, along with key personnel that have worked together an average 35 years.  Our time together has fostered an efficient working relationship, providing each team member an intricate understanding of individual roles within the operation of our business.

Thomas P. Carney, Inc. self-performs an average of 60% of any given project, providing us greater control over production and quality control, safety, milestone and completion dates, financial and contractual issues.  TPC takes great pride in its reputation as a self-performing contractor and not just simply a broker.

Thomas P. Carney, Inc. has been the lead contractor on many multiple-prime construction projects as well as the overall prime contractor managing Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Contractors. TPC has also been sub-contracted to bid and self-perform site, concrete and masonry work; currently, the 60-Story Structural Concrete work for the new “W” Hotel @ 15th & Chestnut Streets, which is located around the corner from the Philadelphia City Hall. And previously, the 55000 cubic yards of concrete poured for the addition to the PA Convention Center.

Third generation family members have now joined our team. In addition to “growing up the field”, gaining experience in estimating and supervision roles, their educations in business, marketing and computer technologies support paving our future further into the 21st century.

Thomas P. Carney, Inc.’s team is exuberant and focused, their managerial and technical expertise runs deep.  Problem solving and coordination of complex construction challenges are the core strength of our team. The competency of these individuals has also generated strong personal relationships with its sub-contractors.  Our sub-contractors have experience with our team’s level of effectiveness in solving problems.  They know our team’s ability to coordinate the work in a manner that meets project schedules and at the same time provides uninterrupted work-flow.  These relationships are emphasized because Thomas P. Carney, Inc. understands that a strong managerial team includes its sub-contractors.   TPC has the depth of relationships and the interpersonal experience to choose them accordingly.

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