SEPTA Levittown Station

Renovations to the SEPTA Levittown Station is included under SEPTA’s “Catching Up” Capital Improvement Program.  The Levittown Station is being transformed from a 1950’s era station into a state of the art intermodal transportation facility; adding modern amenities such as a new station building, high level platforms, pedestrian overpass and reconfigured Fallsington Avenue / Route 13 Expressway station entrance.

Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the successful low bidder for the Single Prime General Construction portion of the SEPTA Levittown Station.

The Station will now be fully ADA accessible.  Thomas P. Carney, Inc.’s work includes renovation to the existing Station Building, preserving some of its historic features; mechanical and electrical upgrades; installation of elevators – providing access to the new overhead Pedestrian Bridge, which replaces the darkened tunnel previously used to get from one side of the tracks to the other. Construction of the South inbound parking lot – providing 70 additional parking spaces; renovations to low level train platforms; station building improvement, along with general site improvements.

All construction work is being performed with minimal interruption to the train schedules, with major construction work items, including erection of the overhead pedestrian bridge during overnight hours.

The grand re-opening of the SEPTA Levittown Station is scheduled for the Fall of 2018, bringing the project to completion on time and on budget.

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