Gravity Thickener

The Location:

Philadelphia Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant

The Challenge:

Construct new 30M dollar Gravity Thickener Facilities consisting of 4 each 80-ft diameter concrete tanks, pumping station, odor control facility, underground valve vault, 4” to 36” ductile iron process pipelines, Fiberglass piping and fans, along with 43 new pumps and associated piping, all while maintaining little to no disruption to the existing plant and process.

Our Response:

Thomas P Carney Inc. successfully scheduled and performed plant shutdowns in order to provide tie-ins to existing pipelines while not disrupting flow to the existing 500 million gallon per day plant. TPC also self-performed the construction of several large concrete buildings and 4 large 80ft diameter tanks.

The Details:

Over the course of the 3 year project, TPC self-performed the excavation, concrete, yard piping, interior piping, pumping, dewatering, and finish carpentry. This very complicated and technical project included tasks such as:

  • Shoring and shielding for building excavation and underground pipelines using systems such as trench boxes, soldier beam and lagging, and slide rail systems.
  • Miles of underground yard piping including, 4” to 36” ductile iron pipelines, 24” fusion welded HDPE pipeline, Schedule 80 PVC sodium hypochlorite piping, welded steel glycol piping, storm drainage pipelines, water piping, and fiberglass odor control air piping.
  • Form, reinforce, and pour over ten thousand yards of concrete in order to complete the construction of: One gravity thickener building, 4 concrete tanks, one underground pumping station, one underground valve vault, and one odor control facility.
  • Install 4 each 80-ft diameter clarifier systems inside of concrete tanks
  • Install 4 each 80-ft diameter aluminum flat covers and trusses over top of concrete tanks
  • Install miles of interior piping, pumping, valves, and instruments
  • Perform countless plant shut downs in order to tie new piping into existing pipelines without disruption to existing operations
  • Install fiberglass odor control piping, fans, media, and dome covers in order to construct a full operational odor control system
  • Drain existing wet wells and tanks in order to complete the replacement of 10 full pumps sets which include a total of 23 new pumps, piping, valves, annular seals, pressure gauges, and seal water systems
  • Make modifications to existing plant Scada system in order to have all equipment run through fully designed power and controls
  • Provide full coordination of GC, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical activities and schedules



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