Water Treatment

  • North Church Street Water Treatment Plant “WTP” – Moorestown, New Jersey
    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the overall Prime Contractor for this Eighteen Million Dollar expansion of the North Church Street Water Treatment Plant “WTP”, located in Moorestown, New Jersey. Coordination with the Owner’s forces was essential during all phases of the construction work. Existing treatment equipment was relocated and placed back in service in order [...]
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  • Belmont Sedimentation Tank Rehabilitation – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. is the General Construction Contractor for the existing flocculation systems and installation of new weirs for the Belmont Water Treatment Plant, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thomas P. Carney, Inc. is doing the demolition of existing equipment and installing new flocculator equipment, FRP baffle walls, weir plates and access ladders. TPC is [...]
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  • Gravity Thickener
    GRAVITY THICKENER FACILITIES @ NORTHEAST WATER POLLUTION CONTROL PLANT The new Gravity Thickener Facilities are designed to reduce odor emissions from existing Set 2 Primary Sedimentation Tanks (PST's) at the Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant.  All existing primary sludge pumps were replaced to continually pump settled solids out of the existing PSTs into four 80-foot [...]
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  • Lower Bucks Sedimentation Basin
    The Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority contracted Thomas P. Carney, Inc. to complete upgrades to the Levittown Water Filtration Plant, located in Tullytown, Pennsylvania.  The scope of work consisted of the installation of a new innovative, high capacity inclined plate settler system with integrated side baffles to existing rectangular Sedimentation Basins #1 & 2.  [...]
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  • Somerset Raritan Water Treatment Plant

    The Somerset Raritan Valley Sewage Treatment Plant project consisted of major additions to the existing wastewater treatment facility.  Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the General Contractor.  The project included a new Disinfection Building with chemical feed system and controls.  It also included a new influent pump station, six new clarifiers and a new secondary sludge […]

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  • Mount Holly Digester Project

    The Mount Holly Digester Conversion & Improvements was a waste water plant renovation project.  The scope of work included the installation of clarifier tanks and digester pumps which are major components in the waste water treatment process. Thomas P. Carney, Inc. self-performed the excavation and concrete work; and coordinated, purchased and installed the digester pumps […]

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    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the General Contractor on the DELCORA Clarifier #5 project.  The project  upgraded the existing plant by adding a new clarifier, new activated sludge pump station and modifications to the existing sludge pump station.  Upgrades also included the addition of a new 175’ diameter x 18’ deep reinforced concrete final clarifier, […]

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  • Passaic Valley Sewerage Authority
    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the general contractor for the construction of the air scrubber system for the Oxygen Generation Plant at the Passaic Valley Sewerage plant, in Passaic County, New Jersey. The project consisted of very large vessels and multi-mechanical disciplines.  It was a unique pre-treatment system designed to clean the air going into [...]
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  • Hackettstown Control Plant

    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the General Contractor for the Hackettstown Control Plant Project, located in Hackettstown, New Jersey.  The scope of work included an upgrade and expansion of the existing water treatment plant.  The project consisted of an advanced treatment building which houses much of the plant’s pumping, monitoring and control systems.  It also […]

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  • Burlington Waste Water Treatment

    Thomas P. Carney, Inc. was the Single Prime Contractor for the Burlington Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project, located in Burlington County, New Jersey.  The new facility included two slab-on-grade Architectural type buildings, poured-in-place concrete clarifiers and sludge thickeners, yard piping, process piping and equipment.  TPC self-performed the renovation and process equipment and piping work.

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